A Memoir That Will Empower You to Illuminate the Deepest Parts of Yourself

Looking In and Finding Out ~ Released on Amazon

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When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.


-Brené Brown

Many people believe we are a product of our environments. Sarah Monares’ compelling memoir shows that while our past certainly shapes who we are, each of us have what it takes within ourselves to positively mold our present and our future. And, in fact, with self-awareness, hard work and faith, we can draw out the best parts of ourselves that were really there all along.

Monares takes us on a journey of heartache, loss and personal challenges. She uses the lessons of her own troubled past to help us gain an understanding of ourselves while encouraging us to leverage the hard stuff to make ourselves better. This compassionate and raw account provides great insight into the power of personal healing and a guide for navigating toward a better life.

Meet the Author

Sarah Monares

Sarah Monares

Sarah is a licensed counselor and has owned her own private practice since 2009. She is also the founder and CEO of Monares Collective LLC and The We Spot. She is a writer, blogger, counselor, coach, speaker, and podcast host.

Sarah passionately believes in the healing power of vulnerability. That by learning to speak our truth and to fully embrace who we are, we become free. She loves helping women shine light in the places they hide and learn to walk in the full power of all they were created to be. Sarah has a devastating story that she vulnerably shares in order to help others learn to own their whole story. Even the hard and messy parts.

What Are People Saying About the Book?

Sarah opens the door to her deepest and darkest secrets, and shares the lessons that have molded her into the empowered and amazing human she is today. This book will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will invite you to realize the power of embracing all of your story, too! – Heather Williams

Sarah’s raw account of a life marked with pain, discovery and triumph will captivate readers. The honesty and vulnerability that saturates every chapter will challenge readers to look inward with compassion and a new perspective. Sarah fills the pages with wisdom and insight that will transform the hearts and lives of those seeking to hear the truth; that they are not alone. – Aubree Monares

Sarah’s voice and bright personality shine like a beacon throughout the entire book. Trauma, grief, joy and love intermingle to create a story that will make the reader look deep within themselves and emerge seeing the world in a new light. – Heather Adsit

Sarah shares her story and empowers us to not be a victim of our circumstances. An empowering memoir, and message of hope. A journey of devastating heartbreak, growth, resilience and transformation. – Danielle Hughes

Sarah invites you into the heartbreaking moments of her childhood that shaped her early adult years. Her openness is a declaration to all that our stories are precious. This is a story for anyone who longs to heal, wants to be more, or feels unseen. – Trish Russell

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